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SSE was granted consent by the Secretary of State (SoS) for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for the Abernedd project in 2011. The existing consent is for a 870 megawatt combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station at Seaway Parade, Port Talbot.

During summer 2016, SSE submitted an application to the SoS for DECC to vary the consent to include the option of constructing an open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power station at the site as an alternative to the consented CCGT. OCGT units are able to start-up more quickly than CCGT units and are therefore better suited to responding to peaks in electricity demand and providing back up electricity supply to the National Grid. If built, the OCGT power station will sit within the application site for the consented CCGT and not require additional land.

We consulted on the proposals to vary the existing consent during July 2016. Further details of the consultation that was carried out can be found below.

Abernedd Power Station
Variation to existing power station consent

SSE (Abernedd Power Company Ltd) has made an application to the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy under section 36C of The Electricity Act 1989, to vary the section 36 consent granted on 23 February 2011 to construct and operate a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) generating station of approximately 870 megwatts (MW) on land at Seaway Parade, Port Talbot, South Wales.

The application requests that the Secretary of State varies the February 2011 consent to provide SSE with the option of constructing and operating either a CCGT generating station of up to 870 MW or an open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) generating station of up to 299 MW at Seaway Parade. 

More information

Variation to existing power station consent

1. Abernedd s36c application letter

2. Abernedd - Schedule 1 - Comp with Reg. 3.

3. Abernedd - Schedule 2 - Consultees

4. Abernedd - Original S36 Consent 2011

5. Abernedd - Track change S36 Consent

6. Abernedd - Site Location Plan

7. Abernedd - Site Plan

8. Abernedd - Indicative OCGT Layout

9. Abernedd - Indicative OCGT Building Elevations

11. Abernedd - PDAS - August 2016

12a. Abernedd - Consultation Report

12b. Abernedd - Consultation Report

ES Addendum and NTS


Table of Contents

Sign Off

Non Technical Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction 

Chapter 2 - Project Description

Chapter 3 - Planning 

Chapter 4 - Land Use Rev 2 GTS 

Chapter 5 - Traffic and Transport

Chapter 6 - SocioEconomics 

Chapter 7 - LVIA 

Chapter 8 - Noise and Vibration 

Chapter 9 - Ecology

Chapter 10 - Ground Conditions

Chapter 11 - Heritage

Chapter 12 - Air Quality

Chapter 13 - Water Resources

Chapter 14 - Comparison Rev

Annex A - Consultation V1

Annex B - Air Quality

Annex C - Technical Report C Ecology

Annex D - Technical Report Noise 

Annex E - LVIA


The current application includes an addendum to the Environmental Statement that was prepared for the original application and a non-technical summary of that addendum.  

The application documents relating to the February 2011 consent (including a copy of the consent) and the current application documents can be found below 

A hard copy of the current application documents is available for public inspection at the following venues:

Neath Civic Centre
SA11 3QZ

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm & Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

The Quays
Brunel Way
Briton Ferry
SA11 2GG

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm & Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

Port Talbot Civic Centre
Port Talbot
SA13 1PJ

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm & Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

If you wish to comment on the application you must do so no later than 28 September 2016.  Any such representations must be sent to:

Mr Keith Welford
National Infrastructure Consents
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
3 Whitehall Place

Or by email to deccnic@decc.gsi.gov.uk 

Public Consultation - July 2016

Venue Date Time
Baglan Community Centre
Hawthorn Avenue
SA12 8PG

Tuesday 5 July 2016 10am to 1pm
TDM Community Studio
Mozart Drive
Port Talbot
SA12 7UA

Tuesday 5 July 2016 4pm to 7pm
Briton Ferry Library
Neath Road
Briton Ferry
SA11 2AQ

Wednesday 6 July 2016 11am to 2pm

Project consultation materials can be found below:

Abernedd Advert

Consultation invitation - Welsh

Consulation invitation - English

Abernedd pull up banner - Welsh

Abernedd pull up banner - English

Next Steps

It is anticipated that SSE will submit the application to DECC later in the summer of 2016.

All comments regarding our plans for changing the existing consent should be submitted no later than 5.30pm on Wednesday 27th July 2016 to the project liaison manager Jade Fearon using the details below

Post – Jade Fearon
           c/o Keadby Power Station
            DN17 4GA

Email – jade.fearon@sse.com

Telephone – 07584313526

Consultation with Statutory Consultees and other bodies